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Success Story

Eco Firma Farms, Canby

Estimated Annual Savings: $63,000

When expanding its cannabis operation, Eco Firma Farms in Canby opted for energy-efficient HVAC systems and LED lighting that slashed annual electricity use by more than 755,000 kilowatt hours.

“Thanks to these improvements, we’re saving about $63,000 on annual electricity costs and we’re achieving a yield of 1.3 grams per watt,” said Jesse Peters, owner.

Replacing high-pressure-sodium and T5 high-output fluorescent lighting with LEDs cut lighting energy use by 41 percent, reduced the staff hours needed to replace and dispose of bulbs, made it easier to control temperature and pests, and reduced the HVAC load.

Eco Firma also installed ground-mounted, three-coil, roof-top HVAC units with advanced controls, which save energy by eliminating simultaneous heating and cooling and using variable speed fans that adjust according to load.

Eco Firma received $99,800 in cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon for the two projects.

“Energy Trust makes it possible for us to spend money on more efficient, better equipment and justify the added expense to our investors,” said Peters.

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