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Success Story

El Mofles, Hillsboro, OR

Estimated Annual Savings: $460

As a small business owner, Martínez looked for opportunities to reduce his energy costs. “Most of us are overwhelmed by the price of energy consumption,” said Martínez. “For as long as I can remember, my family has said, ‘turn off a light and save a little.’”

For Martínez, it started with an email he had received from Portland General Electric last winter. “I received an email inviting me to get $50 for completing a walk-through survey,” Martínez said. A few days later “An energy specialist showed up and gave me a $50 gift card and offered me savings on energy consumption if I replaced my bulbs for LEDs.”

The experience proved to be a positive one. “I had an excellent experience with the people who came to install the lights. They took me into account; they worked with me so that I felt satisfied,” Martínez said.

The new LEDs have had a positive impact on Martínez’s wallet. His business is seeing a great reduction in energy costs. Since the upgrade, Martinez expects to save 6,300 kWh and $460 off his energy bills annually.

The future is bright for El Mofles de Hillsboro thanks to no-cost lighting >>