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Success Story

Enoch Precision Machining, Clackamas

Estimated annual savings: 17,800 kWh

Enoch Precision Machining relies on an air compressor to run 80 machines. Utilizing the free compressed air leak reduction service from Energy Trust, the company increased compressor functionality along with energy and cost savings.

Before the leak repairs, Enoch’s air compressor was running at 40.4 percent load versus a 28.7 percent load afterwards. The company expects to save $1,300 and 17,800 kilowatt hours per year as a result.

According to Penny Nielson, manufacturing operations manager at Enoch, leaks were repaired during off hours, so the service caused little to no impact on daily activities. “Our experience with Energy Trust has been very positive and helpful,” she said. As with Enoch, Energy Trust pays participating trade ally contractors to complete air compressor leak reduction service once per year at no cost to the customer.

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