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Success Story

Eye Care Physicians and Surgeons, Keizer, Oregon


The failing HVAC system at Eye Care Physicians and Surgeons’ Keizer office was causing inconsistent temperatures throughout the building. To help improve indoor comfort and provide reliable heating and cooling, the clinic added new, energy-saving direct digital controls (DDC) to the HVAC system. Energy Trust of Oregon helped Eye Care Physicians make this upgrade at a lower cost through cash incentives.

Orval Gilmore, office administrator at Eye Care Physicians’ Keizer location, brought in Rick Ramsey of Building Energy, an Energy Trust trade ally, to assess the HVAC system and determine what could be done to improve performance. After examining the system and building plans, Ramsey discovered errors in the HVAC control system were causing it to run 24 hours a day at full speed. An on-site assessment recommended installing DDCs to improve the HVAC system’s efficiency by allowing it to respond to changing indoor conditions.

Due to the installation of DDCs, Eye Care Physicians staff and patients now benefit from a fully functioning HVAC system that ensures comfortable indoor temperatures. In total, this DDC upgrade will save the clinic over $4,000 on annual utility costs. “Orval [Gilmore] was able to get a really top-notch system at a good price thanks to cash incentives from Energy Trust,” said Ramsey. “It was a really smart move.”

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