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Success Story

Four Rivers Cultural Center, Ontario

Estimated annual savings: $2,800

A programmable thermostat was a smart investment for Four Rivers Cultural Center, an eastern Oregon hub of cultural, educational and civic programs. Previously, the 98,000-square-foot facility had 30 thermostats serving its museum, theater, conference center, offices and classrooms for Treasure Valley Community College and Eastern Oregon University. Maintenance employees spent hours adjusting thermostats for occupancy and weather.

That changed when Four Rivers installed a programmable thermostat control system. The system uses sensors throughout the facility to maintain temperatures at comfortable levels, and maintenance staff can manage the system from a central computer. “Adjusting thermostats now takes 20 minutes per week, freeing employees to focus on other areas of customer service,” said Lela Rogers, finance director at Four Rivers.

A cash incentive from Energy Trust helped the nonprofit make the upgrade, which is reducing natural gas bills by approximately $2,800 annually. “With less money going to maintenance, we can provide more activities such as theater programs for children,” said Lela.

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