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Success Story

Gallagher Plaza Apartments, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $1,900

When the boiler failed at Gallagher Plaza, managers at Home Forward knew who to call. “Energy Trust had helped us with energy-efficient lighting projects,” said Julie Livingston, project manager, Home Forward, which provides shelter services in Multnomah County. “We had discussed the boiler’s age and what to do when it failed.”

Less than 24 hours later—on a Saturday—two new energy-efficient condensing boilers were delivering heat and hot water. To keep comfort up and costs down, sequencing controls ensure that only one boiler operates unless it’s cold enough to require both. And $5,600 in Energy Trust cash incentives helped make the boilers more affordable.

“Many of our residents are disabled persons, seniors on fixed incomes or others in need of social services,” said Livingston. “So keeping costs low translates directly into more dollars for needed services.”

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