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Success Story

Gene Chavez, Sweet Home

Estimated annual savings: $60

With a new refrigerator in place, Gene Chavez was thrilled to learn Energy Trust would pick up his old fridge and recycle it for free—and he could earn a $20 or $40 cash incentive from Energy Trust, based on the age of the unit. When he called to schedule the pickup, he learned about a chance to help others by donating his cash incentive to Oregon Food Bank.

“I give as much as I can where I can, and I was OK with money at that time, so I figured I’d help somebody else out,” Gene said.  He was among hundreds of people who stepped up to help put food on the table for hungry Oregonians.

“We are grateful to those who donated their fridge recycling incentives to Oregon Food Bank in 2013,” said Susannah Morgan, chief executive officer, Oregon Food Bank. “Together they contributed approximately $30,000, enough to provide tens of thousands of meals for those in need. Each donation makes a world of difference for people facing hunger, especially for families, children and seniors.”