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Success Story

Goose Hollow Tower, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $12,000

An exhaust fan upgrade at Goose Hollow Tower reduced resident heating costs by an estimated $12,000 annually and made maintenance a breeze for College Housing Northwest, the property manager.

College Housing Northwest decommissioned 25 exhaust fans on the roof of the 16-story college housing apartments. The fans, which dated back to the building’s construction in 1970, ran 24/7 contributing to high heating costs. The old centrifugal fans also required constant maintenance. More importantly, they didn’t do the job: Residents often complained of food smells and stagnant air.

Goose Hollow installed 25 new energy-efficient, direct-drive, dual-speed fans that use existing ductwork. The new fans operate on a programmed schedule that calls for 100 percent ventilation during typical cooking and bathing hours and only 60 percent at other times, saving energy and reducing air quality complaints by providing stronger ventilation during peak times. With sealed bearings and a simpler configuration, the fans require only quarterly maintenance.

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