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Success Story

Grover Electric & Plumbing Supply, Southern Oregon

Small Business, Big Advantage

When it comes to customer service, Energy Trust trade ally retailer Grover Electric & Plumbing Supply strives to maintain the high level of quality started in 1954 when the family opened its first store.

“We take pride in knowing our products and working one-on-one with customers, guiding them through decision-making to arrive at the best product,” said Kate Barber, lighting and bath coordinator, Grover.

That personal approach has made Grover highly successful at helping customers see the long-term advantages of heat pump water heaters. With Energy Trust’s incentives provided to retailers, Grover discounts the sale of qualifying heat pump water heaters by $300—taking the value of the Energy Trust cash incentive directly off the sticker price. Grover, in turn, gets that $300 back from Energy Trust.

“We’ve been discounting the sale of LED bulbs for several years,” said Barber. “It made sense to extend the arrangement to heat pump water heaters, where we spend time with customers explaining the true value of the product. Lowering the upfront cost of energy-efficient products helps us increase sales and stay competitive.”

In 2017, trade allies like Grover sold more than 1,100 heat pump water heaters using Energy Trust incentives, representing a growing and efficient way to reach more customers statewide.

“By lowering their upfront cost, customers can more easily afford energy-efficient technology, and they don’t have to fill out any paperwork,” said Barber.