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Success Story

Harold Behr, Warrenton

Estimated annual savings: $70

Who could say no to no-cost energy-saving improvements? Certainly not Harold Behr, who often felt chilly in his home on Oregon’s North Coast.

Harold was among 20 residents in his mobile home park who signed up for the Energy Trust offering through Energy Comfort & Construction, a local Energy Trust trade ally. The crew performed a Blower Door test, checking for air leaks and duct leaks to pinpoint spots where heat might be escaping. They uncovered small air leaks along with a much bigger problem. A disconnected ductwork resulted in high heating bills because the heating system had to run more often to warm his home.

To stop the heat loss, Energy Comfort & Construction quickly repaired and properly sealed the ductwork. They also sealed air leaks around windows, doors and other spots throughout the home. In addition, the crew installed high-performance faucet aerators and showerheads and energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs to make Harold’s home even more energy efficient. Energy Trust provided the work and materials at no cost. Harold and his neighbors benefited from immediate energy savings and learned about cash incentives available for additional energy-saving improvements. Harold now doesn’t have to set the thermostat as high, and the heat doesn’t run as often. “We’ve saved at least 25 percent on heating,” he said.

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