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Success Story

Iwasaki Bros., Inc, Hillsboro

Estimated annual savings: $174,900

With more than 300 greenhouses on 50 acres, Iwasaki Bros., Inc. produces a healthy number of plants. Tapping into services and cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon, the wholesale grower was able to cultivate energy savings as well.

The upgrades save an estimated 174,500 therms each year, and qualified for $146,000 in cash incentives.

Iwasaki upgraded several greenhouses. On one, twin-wall polycarbonate glazing replaced inefficient single-wall corrugated polycarbonate. Two received new thermal curtains with electronic controls. Another is now equipped with a new 93 percent efficient condensing heater.

The largest project involved installing a new high-efficiency condensing boiler, plus under-bench heating. “The high-efficiency boiler cycles on and off much less often, giving us more heat for our dollar,” said Dan Aceves, Iwasaki’s maintenance manager. The grower used Energy Trust’s simple rebate process for standard, pre-approved improvements. Aceves reports the projects were so successful, they are already considering another project.

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