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Success Story

Investing in home and future

When John and Tobyn Gendron moved into their Newberg home 19 years ago, they knew it would be a place to build their lives for years to come. Since then, they have replaced the lawn with a garden filled with native plants and taken countless neighborhood walks with their two dogs.  

Adding solar panels to the house had long been on their wish list, but it wasn’t until 2021 that lower prices convinced them the time was right to make the investment. This spring, they installed an 8.16 kW solar system, which consists of 24 panels mounted in a single array on their house. They designed the system to power both their house and their electric car, almost eliminating their annual electric bill.  

The couple hired A&R Solar, an Energy Trust of Oregon trade ally, to design and install the system. “We had a phenomenal experience with A&R. They really understood what we were looking for—and as we learned more and our needs morphed, they just kept circling back to our needs,” said John.  

Working with A&R, the Gendrons used Energy Trust incentives to cut $2,400 from the cost of the $26,087 system.  

The couple see their investment as more than paying for itself when viewed in terms of added value to their home—if they ever choose to sell their home, they expect the solar array to boost the sales price. But for now, they are enjoying the immediate returns: minimal energy costs, a home that embodies their values, and the unexpected bonus of finding a connection point with curious neighbors. 

“It’s been a great talking point,” says Tobyn. “That has been an additional benefit. It’s brought a next level of consistency about walking our talk.”