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Success Story

Jun Suzuki and Jackie Kohon, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $400

When Jackie Kohon and Jun Suzuki bought their Portland home in 2007, they ordered a free Energy Saver Kit from Energy Trust. The energy-saving light bulbs and showerhead that came in the kit were just the beginning of a journey to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient.

After the first winter in their home, which was built in 1940, the couple realized they needed insulation. With the recommendations from the Home Energy Review and help from Energy Trust incentives, Jackie and Jun made energy-saving changes gradually over time.

“We learned a lot about little upgrades to save energy and make the house feel warmer and cozier,” Jackie said. They started with attic insulation and later had insulation blown into the walls. In addition to adding insulation, Jackie and Jun were eventually able to install compact fluorescent light bulbs or LEDs in every light fixture, purchase an energy-efficient clothes washer, dishwasher and refrigerator, upgrade to a ductless heat pump in their remodeled basement and install a tankless gas water heater.

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