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Success Story

La Tapatia 2, Gresham

Estimated annual savings: $2,600

When La Tapatia 2 couldn’t find replacement bulbs for its antiquated outdoor lighting, the Mexican grocery and meat market in Gresham turned to Energy Trust for help. “Energy Trust told us we could save thousands of dollars switching to LEDs,” said Juan Alvarez, owner.

That kind of savings is a big deal for a small corner market, but the LEDs delivered a side benefit that turned out to be equally important. “Now, we have less vandalism,” said Alvarez. “The new lighting is brighter and not easily breakable. Security is better. Customers and neighbors say it looks amazing.”

Happy with the outcome, Alvarez didn’t wait long before turning to the store’s interior. Taking advantage of a special Energy Trust promotion, La Tapatia 2 was able to replace all overhead fluorescent lighting with LEDs and low-power ballasts at no cost to the store. The LEDs brighten surroundings, eliminate dark corners and highlight what’s on the store’s shelves. “The first day after installation, customers commented that they could see our products better,” said Alvarez.

La Tapatia 2 received $27,000 in Energy Trust cash incentives for its lighting projects, which cost $34,000 to install. The upgrades shaved an estimated $2,600 from the store’s annual energy costs.

The experience at La Tapatia 2 proved so successful that a store employee encouraged her church in Gresham to look into Energy Trust’s offerings. The church also went ahead with a lighting upgrade.