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Success Story

Leatherman Tool Group, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $62,900

Installing advanced HVAC controls allowed Leatherman Tool Group to turn constant-volume rooftop units into dynamic part-load systems, saving the company an estimated $62,900 in annual energy costs.

The advanced controls automatically adjust to temperature, occupancy, airflow and other parameters. A wireless network connects all units to web-based software that facilities personnel can access on a computer or tablet.

“By giving us the ability to monitor and fine-tune our rooftop units, these controls took us from a reactive to a proactive mode,” said Scott Bacon, facilities maintenance manager. “Before, we typically didn’t know there was a problem with a unit until we received employee complaints. Now, facilities personnel often identify issues and resolve them before occupants arrive. We’re not only cutting operating costs, we’re improving comfort.”

A $210,332 cash incentive from Energy Trust helped offset the project cost. Leatherman expects its investment to pay for itself in just under two years.

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