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Success Story

Les Schwab Headquarters, Bend

Estimated annual savings: $34,972

The right tires can make a big difference in the performance of a vehicle. So it makes sense that Les Schwab Tire Centers put a premium on high performance
when they began planning their new headquarters in Bend. After all, the company-wide core value at Les Schwab is “Pride in Performance.”

Their 123,000-square-foot office building, completed in November 2008, uses 25 percent less energy than a building of similar type and size built to Oregon code. They’re also generating a portion of the building’s electricity with a robust solar electric system. As a result of energy saved and generated, the company is pocketing an additional $34,972 in annual energy cost savings. Such stellar performance is the direct result of energy-efficient and renewable technologies, made affordable with Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives.

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