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Success Story

Linfield University, McMinnville, Oregon


Linfield University uses steam to provide heat and hot water to dorms and academic buildings across the McMinnville campus. Pipe insulation was added to the university’s underground steam distribution system to curb steam leakage, which was driving up utility costs. Linfield spent less on the new insulation with Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives.

Deteriorated insulation made Linfield’s boiler work harder to supply steam. This added effort used more energy to create steam and also required more water as steam leaked from the system.

Allison Horn, Linfield’s director of facilities and auxiliary services, said the benefits of taking on this project made it worth the challenge of installing new insulation to underground steam pipes. “We saw immediate improvements in system operation,” she said. “Our water and energy use went way down as soon as the new steam loop was fired up.”

In addition to saving $91,300 on pipe insulation through Energy Trust cash incentives, this project will save Linfield an estimated $28,400 in annual energy costs.

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