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Success Story

Meduri Farms, Dallas, Oregon

Food Processor Harvests Energy Savings

Initially believing they wouldn’t be a good fit for Energy Trust’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) offering kept Meduri Farms on the sidelines of participation. When their management team realized that Meduri’s commitment to continuous improvement made them a perfect match, they were all in.

When Meduri Farms first heard of Energy Trust of Oregon’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) offering, the company felt it was too small to participate. They viewed it as more suitable for big companies with larger engineering departments.

Over time, the management team realized that it was their embedded commitment to improvement, rather than their size, that made them a perfect match for the SEM philosophy. Now in their fourth year of participation, their experience has helped them advance cultural change, achieve significant energy savings and receive more than $148,600 in cash incentives from this offering alone.

The SEM experience inspired Meduri Farms to pursue larger energy efficiency projects. In three years, the organization has seen more than $500,000 in savings from their work with Energy Trust, including SEM, continuous improvement, capital project incentives, avoided utility costs and product yield gains. Since Meduri Farms first began working with Energy Trust in 2010, the company’s energy efficiency projects have saved more than 1,381,000 kWh of electricity and 543,000 therms of natural gas.

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