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Success Story

Nestor Campos, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $660

After purchasing a 1940s house in Portland’s Cully neighborhood in October 2011, Nestor Campos discovered it lacked insulation and the old electric furnace didn’t heat the house efficiently. It was drafty, chilly and uncomfortable.

Now, thanks to help from Energy Trust, that’s all changed. In January 2012, he received a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® assessment, which confirmed his house needed upgrades and pinpointed improvements that would save the most energy. His contractor thoroughly insulated the home, sealed air leaks and replaced the inefficient electric furnace with a high-efficiency heat pump. The company also installed a premium-efficiency water heater, faucet aerators and compact fluorescent lights for even greater energy savings.

Cash incentives from Energy Trust helped make the project affordable for the single dad. He received them seamlessly through instant rebates thanks to Energy Trust’s collaboration with Clean Energy Works Oregon. “The house is so different. It changed a lot. Now, it’s very comfortable,” said Nestor.

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