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Success Story

Oregon Iron Works, Inc., Clackamas

Estimated annual savings: $34,100

Oregon Iron Works has a strong history of manufacturing complex structural components. The company is equally impressive at saving energy and its latest venture in solar power is no exception.

Over the years, energy-efficient upgrades to lighting, welding and compressed air have slashed the company’s energy consumption by 1 million kilowatt hours. Installing a 30.8-kilowatt solar electric system has cut Oregon Iron Works annual energy use by over 30,700 kWh. Energy Trust of Oregon provided a cash incentive of $38,400 which helped to make the project appealing to decision makers. The solar system also has a net meter that allows the company to feed excess power back to the utility grid.

“Generating our own renewable power keeps the savings coming in and supports our growing sustainability program,” said Paula Bowman-Paradis, sustainability coordinator, Oregon Iron Works.

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