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Success Story

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $90,000

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, OMSI, welcomes one million adults and children each year to learn more about science and technology.

Energy costs are one of the Southeast Portland museum’s most significant expenditures—much of the energy is used to enhance the visitor experience by maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and quality lighting throughout the museum.

OMSI committed to increase efficiency and reduce energy use throughout the museum by working with Energy Trust of Oregon to determine the most effective improvements available to save energy and control costs.

OMSI was able to increase the technological efficiency of the museum by installing three high-efficiency chillers, one dedicated to the OMNIMAX® Theater and two to the museum, and improve controls for their energy management system. They also upgraded the lighting in their common areas and exhibit halls to energy-efficient lighting-emitting diode, LED, lamps.

For their investments, OMSI earned $345,357 in cash incentives from Energy Trust, and expects to save $90,000 in energy costs each year.

“Whenever we can save money on operating costs, we free up more resources for other projects in the facility that help us fulfill our educational mission.” -Jerry Bogorad, director of facility operations OMSI

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