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Success Story

Oregon Tech, Klamath Falls

Estimated annual generation: 8,315,000 kilowatt hours

The Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech)—which offers one of the top engineering programs in the country and a Bachelor of Science in renewable energy systems—began using geothermal energy to heat campus buildings in 1964. Fifty years later, the university built geothermal power plants in two stages—cutting its teeth on a 0.28-megawatt module that was the first operating geothermal power plant in Oregon.

The success of that system, followed by the ability to garner additional financial support, led to the installation of the recent 1.75-MW project. In combination, they generate an estimated 8,315,000 kilowatt hours annually, reducing energy costs by nearly one-half million dollars per year.

In addition to this combined geothermal heat and power system, Oregon Tech installed 7,800 ground-mounted solar electric panels next to the John F. Moehl football stadium, with a total capacity of just under 2 MW. The university received a Blue Sky grant from Pacific Power for the system.

Energy Trust helped the university achieve its renewable power goal with funding to help with design and feasibility studies for both geothermal projects, and provided approximately $2 million in incentives toward the construction and installation of the projects.

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