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Success Story

Owens Adair Apartments, Astoria

Brighter light, better comfort

Residents at Owens Adair, an affordable-housing complex in downtown Astoria, couldn’t be more pleased with the new LED lighting that brightens up the historic property.

“The quantity and quality of light since we installed LEDs is a frequent topic of conversation among residents, all of whom are elderly and some of whom disabled,” said Todd Johnston, executive director, Northwest Oregon Housing Authority. “They are quite happy.”

The new lighting was recommended during a free Energy Trust walkthrough survey, which helped identify simple energy-saving opportunities that qualified for Energy Trust cash incentives. It wasn’t long before the apartments also had new steam traps, thermostatic radiator valves and energy- and water-saving showerheads and shower wands. The heating system upgrades help residents control the temperature of their units, increasing comfort.

The improvements reduced the building’s annual energy costs by $8,400. “We put the savings toward capital upgrades for the 126-year-old building,” said Johnston. “We recently installed an awning so residents are covered from the weather and we’re saving for a new boiler.”

A $14,342 Energy Trust cash incentive helped make energy efficiency more affordable, and maintenance personnel stretched those dollars by doing much of the installation themselves.

“Residents appreciate the energy- and water-saving improvements,” said Johnston. “They talk about conserving resources and seem inspired to change other habits.”