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Success Story

Pacific Natural Foods, Tualatin

Estimated annual savings: $126,000

By implementing 20 energy improvement projects, Pacific Natural Foods has reduced its annual energy use by more than 1.75 million annual kilowatt hours, saving the company an estimated $126,000 each year—the equivalent of removing 117 cars from the road for a year.

Pacific Foods kick-started their energy-efficiency efforts by working with Energy Trust to complete a lighting upgrade which now saves nearly $46,000 annually. After cutting lighting energy use in half, Pacific Foods continued working with Energy Trust to upgrade compressed air and refrigeration equipment and implemented an ongoing strategy to identify and repair compressed air leaks. “Energy Trust helped us find and fix hundreds of compressed air leaks,” said Rory Schmick, sustainability manager, Pacific Foods.

Pacific Foods continues to look for ways to fulfill its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. “We held an energy fair and asked employees to share ideas on how to trim more energy waste,” said Schmick. “We received 60 suggestions. There are always more opportunities out there.”

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