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Success Story

Pam’s Sunnyside Greenhouse, Cottage Grove

Estimated annual savings: $10,500

Upgrades at Pam’s Sunnyside Greenhouse are helping the plants and the business thrive. New roofing, walls and a thermal curtain are keeping heat in and energy costs down.

Pam’s Sunnyside grows bedding plants, dahlias and indoor foliage in 10 greenhouses. When the company wanted to improved energy efficiency in four of them, co-owner Janet Tidrick consulted with Energy Trust who provided a cash incentive on a thermal night curtain for a greenhouse with a newly replaced roof. “The curtain is like a blanket that helps keep heat in and plants warmer all night long,” said Tidrick.

In addition to replacing single-wall fiberglass roofing with twin-wall polycarbonate roofing on three houses, Pam’s Sunnyside also installed the twin-wall product in place of failing fiberglass. With these improvements, the plants are growing faster and straighter and the grower qualified for $10,300 in cash incentives from Energy Trust. Tidrick said, “We’re able to make full use of all of our benches year round.”

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