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Success Story

Rogue Creamery, Grants Pass

Estimated annual generation: 11,000 kWh

The owners of Rogue Creamery know that award-winning cheeses like Crater Lake Blue and Oregonzola begin in the barn with happy cows.

The 80-year-old company teamed up with Energy Trust to bring energy-efficiency and renewable energy solutions to its 75-acre dairy farm, while also creating optimal living conditions for its 120 grass-fed cows. Rogue’s barn has a polyethylene roof to bring in daylight and LED lighting that automatically optimizes lighting levels. Together these technologies make it feel like a perfect sunny day, contributing to contented cows and robust milk production.

Energy Trust paid a cash incentive of $29,426 toward the upfront cost of the LEDs and controls, which reduced the farm’s annual energy costs by approximately $14,600. “The lighting provides comfort and safety for both cows and employees working during evening and early morning hours,” said David Gremmels, owner of Rogue Creamery.

To further offset energy use, Rogue sought guidance from Energy Trust on integrating a solar system onto the roof of the milking parlor. An $8,910 Energy Trust cash incentive for the 9.9-kilowatt system enabled Rogue to generate 11,000 kilowatt hours annually of clean energy to power a mechanized milking station.

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