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Success Story

Ryan and Karen Kinnett, Salem

Estimated annual bill savings: $920

Ryan and Karen Kinnett first engaged with Energy Trust years ago when they received a Home Energy Review with customized recommendations for energy-efficiency upgrades. Since then, they’ve installed water- and energy-saving showerheads, attic and wall insulation, high-efficiency windows and a solar electric system that slashed their annual electric bill by $920.

Last year, they came back for more—receiving a $350 cash incentive toward the cost of a high-efficiency natural gas fireplace. “The hearth turns on with the flip of a switch, bringing comfort and enjoyment to our front room where we spend a lot of time,” said Ryan.

Since their Home Energy Review, Ryan estimates they’ve cut 35 to 45 percent from their total annual energy costs for natural gas and electricity—a big deal for a family of five living on a teacher’s salary.

“With the savings, we’ve been able to treat our children to special summer vacations, such as touring Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and visiting Disneyland®,” said Ryan. “And we certainly couldn’t have made these upgrades without help from Energy Trust.”

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