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Success Story

SaltLine Hotel, Seaside, Oregon

From its inception, SaltLine Hotel has worked with Energy Trust of Oregon to prioritize energy efficiency in its building operations. As a new construction project, SaltLine received incentives for early design assistance as well as LED lighting to help make the hotel as energy efficient as possible.

Clarann Register, SaltLine’s operations manager, believes LED lighting is a great example of how energy efficiency benefits both businesses and the environment. LED lighting, which uses less energy than fluorescent alternatives, was an eco-friendly and maintenance-friendly choice so Register’s staff doesn’t have to replace bulbs as often.

A year later, the hotel upgraded its HVAC system, installing an energy management system to monitor and reduce energy usage even more. Energy management systems, also known as HVAC controls, use motion sensors to automatically adjust guest room thermostats when no one is present. SaltLine received a cash incentive of $6,000 to help reduce the cost of purchasing their energy management system, which will save the hotel an estimated 56,000 kWh of energy annually.

According to Register, the lighting and HVAC controls projects are just two examples of how SaltLine has strived to be environmentally responsible since day one. Its goal is “to embrace sustainable practices and offer our guests informed choices to conserve energy, reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.”

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