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Success Story

Serendipity Center, Portland, Oregon

The Transition Skills Classroom at Serendipity Center gives students the opportunity to learn about different industries and careers. Students get hands-on food service experience by working in the school’s kitchen. The school’s new, energy-efficient commercial dishwasher gives staff more time to focus on teaching students by reducing clean up time.

To minimize the school’s environmental footprint and save on utility costs, the staff decided to purchase the commercial dishwasher model that used the least amount of energy. Compared to a less-efficient model, the new dishwasher will save Serendipity Center nearly $400 on their utility bills every year. The more energy-efficient model, also qualified for over $800 in cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon.

Now that the school has a commercial dishwasher in its kitchen, the staff spends significantly less time cleaning dishes. “It used to take an hour to do the dishes. Now it takes less than three minutes,” said Rachel Gitner, Serendipity Center’s director of development.

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