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Success Story

SierraPine Composite Solutions, Medford

Estimated annual savings: $588,700

Simple behavior changes and maintenance improvements at SierraPine resulted in significant and persistent savings —helping the manufacturer reduce its energy use by 11.3 million annual kWh.

Although SierraPine had participated in capital energy-saving projects, company personnel were skeptical they would find much energy waste in the operations and maintenance of plant equipment by implementing Strategic Energy Management. For 11 months, SierraPine and Energy Trust worked together, walking through all areas of the facility to examine equipment, review operating schedules and procedures and look for energy-saving opportunities. “Strategic Energy Management helped us set aside time to give energy efficiency more attention,” said Wayne Ralph, electrical supervisor. “Doing that paid off by reducing our annual energy costs by $588,700.”

With technical assistance and over $200,000 in cash incentives from Energy Trust, SierraPine improved the operation of refiners and modified equipment schedules to minimize idle operation. “Had it not been for Strategic Energy Management, we might not have seen the enormous penalty of using the previous design,” said Ralph.

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