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Success Story

Southpark Square, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $32,700

Southpark Square, a 30-year-old apartment complex, received over $55,000 in cash incentives from Energy Trust for energy-efficiency upgrades that help the complex stay current and reduce energy use.

In addition to installing LED fixtures in hallways and common areas, Southpark Square installed free energy-saving products in every unit, upgraded its boiler and purchased energy-efficient refrigerators for common areas and units. These upgrades are estimated to save the building more than $32,700 on annual energy costs, reduce maintenance needs and contribute to resident and employee satisfaction.

When the 25-year-old boiler failed, Southpark Square again turned to Energy Trust. An Energy Trust trade ally installed a 97-percent efficient model that came with an Energy Trust cash incentive of nearly $3,000 to offset the project cost. The cash incentive and energy savings helped Southpark Square recover their investment in less than one year.

“Residents love the fact that we’re trying to be as green as possible, and the employees love the new equipment,” said regional vice president Russ Peterson. “We’ve seen a significant reduction in required maintenance—the LEDS, for instance, require fewer replacements so our staff isn’t constantly replacing bulbs.”

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