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Success Story

Steve Campbell, Southern Oregon

Trade ally seals 3,000 homes in Southern Oregon

Steve Campbell has helped nearly 3,000 manufactured home owners across Southern Oregon. Because of the statewide Energy Trust offering that pays cash incentives to him and other contractors for testing and sealing ducts in manufactured homes, Campbell is able to provide his critical services for free.

This no-cost service makes a huge difference for Campbell’s customers. “About 90% have limited incomes,” he said. “Some are seniors living off Social Security. Others live off $800 a month but pay more than $300 on heating because their ducts are disconnected or have holes. The heat they’re paying for never makes it into their home.”

After Campbell tightens up the ducts, residents have healthier air and are less likely to have mold or rodent debris come through ductwork. “One customer cried because heat was finally coming into her child’s bedroom,” he shared. “Most of my customers struggle to pay their energy bills and they certainly couldn’t afford to pay for duct sealing. Helping them brings me a lot of gratification.”

Across the state, 18 other trade allies deliver this no-cost service. Since the program started, they’ve tightened up more than 21,000 of Oregon’s 170,000 manufactured homes.