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Success Story

Success High School in Woodburn School District, Woodburn

Estimated annual savings: $33,000

The first high school enrolled in Energy Trust’s Path to Net Zero initiative, the new Success High School will save Woodburn School District an estimated $33,000 annually. It uses so little energy that most, if not all, of its annual energy needs should be met by a 250-kilowatt solar system on campus.

The open design features natural light and ventilation; a heating, cooling and ventilation system that recovers and reuses waste heat; LED lighting and infrastructure for another roof-mounted solar system. These clean energy features reduce operating costs so the school can focus on its mission as an alternative education program helping students with different learning styles reach their full potential.

Energy Trust cash incentives totaling $76,200 helped offset the cost of energy efficiency and solar upgrades.

“The goal is to make the school net zero—reducing operating costs and using that money for books and technology that enhance our students’ learning experience,” said Chuck Ransom, superintendent, Woodburn School District.