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Success Story

Sulzer Pumps, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $99,000

The energy-saving team at Sulzer Pumps’ Portland facility meant business when it set out to trim energy costs. Acting on a corporate challenge to achieve savings of 3 percent in operations around the world, they turned to Energy Trust for help exceeding the goal.

Manufacturing Manager Bill Irvin led the Oregon team, which included Scott Belgrave, Portland plant electrician, and Dan Kirkpatrick, lean coach.

Working with Energy Trust, they installed high-performance lighting, roof insulation and energy-efficient heating upgrades that qualified for cash incentives. “Energy Trust incentives were a vital element in our project investment,” said Dan Kirkpatrick, lean coach. “We’re a business. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.” In 2012, the projects saved $99,000 in utility costs, reducing energy use by 18 percent—six times the challenge goal. The energy saved at the facility, 1.7 million kWh of electricity and 21,800 therms of natural gas, could power the equivalent of 100 average Oregon homes for a year and heat with natural gas the equivalent of 50 more.

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