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Success Story

Suzanne Elise Assisted Living, Seaside

Estimated annual savings: $1,500

Using energy more efficiently couldn’t have been easier for Avamere’s Suzanne Elise Assisted Living. Energy Trust representatives installed energy-saving shower wands and compact fluorescent light bulbs in 74 apartments at no cost.

Participating was simple. Energy Trust representatives worked efficiently and professionally to install the energy-saving products in each apartment and handled the paperwork. “I was surprised how easy the program was to use,” said Aylee Rhea, executive director, Suzanne Elise Assisted Living.

When Rhea learned about the no-cost service, she also made a note of Energy Trust incentives for energy-efficient equipment and lighting. It was information she put to use quickly.

“It just so happened that I needed a gas water heater about a week later,” Rhea recalled. “Because I knew about the program, we installed a high-efficiency gas model and got an incentive.” She’s also planning to upgrade the outdated, inefficient lighting in the facility’s common areas.

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