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Success Story

Thomas & Patty Loder, Bend

Estimated annual savings: $1,600

A beautiful design and single-level layout were on the “must have” list when Thomas and Patty Loder chose their new home in Bend. But energy performance was critical, too. They found everything they wanted in an energy-efficient home built by Energy Trust trade ally SolAire Homebuilders.

The home came with impressive credentials. It had a very low EPS, the energy performance score from Energy Trust. Scores range from zero to 200, and the lower the score is, the better a home will perform. With a score of zero, the SolAire house gave Thomas and Patty a home with less environmental impact and lower energy costs.

The Loders’ home—which includes a solar electric system—is built with a high-efficiency ductless heating system, high-efficiency windows, a well-insulated building envelope and a ventilation system for healthy indoor air quality. The Loders couldn’t be happier. “This is a really cool house,” Thomas said. “It has great features, it works well and it’s really energy efficient.”

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