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Success Story

United Salad Co., Portland

Estimated annual savings: $25,100

United Salad Co. is always looking for fresh ways to decrease refrigeration costs and save energy. An energy analysis conducted by Energy Trust of Oregon helped them select the most cost-effective opportunities.

Working with Energy Trust, United Salad installed sensors and nodes throughout the plant that cue fans to run as needed rather than all of the time. The control upgrade qualified for over $58,000 in cash incentives from Energy Trust in addition to savings more than $25,000 in energy costs each year.

The company also installed energy-efficient parking lot lighting, as well as a sophisticated new system that controls 30 rooftop-mounted Freon condensers. The system trimmed the company’s refrigeration costs by 21 percent for an estimated savings of 518,800 kWh per year.

“The new refrigeration controls offer tighter temperature control, which reduces the risk of spoilage and lost revenue,” said Barry Corno, director of operation and distribution, United Salad Co.

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