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Success Story

Valley Pines, Medford

Estimated Annual Savings: $11,000

Upgrades at Valley Pines Apartments, which provides affordable housing for low-income families and individuals, has brought the 1970s building into the 21st century, while trimming annual energy costs by an estimated $11,000.

Not long after acquiring the 120-unit building, Wishrock & Ray, which owns several multifamily properties in Southern Oregon, reached out to Energy Trust for help upgrading their units. A simple walkthrough energy survey identified several energy-savings opportunities that qualified for $10,800 in Energy Trust cash incentives.

Valley Pines now boasts LED lighting in the common areas that is brighter, safer and gives the building a modern, attractive look inside and outside. Occupancy sensors automatically adjust the lights when full light levels aren’t needed. Eighteen new high-efficiency water heaters further cut energy use, while low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators save both energy and water. The improvements also reduce maintenance costs and enhance comfort across the property.

“Whenever we acquire a property, we bring Energy Trust on as early as possible,” said Fletcher Ray, director of special projects, Wishrock & Ray. “Their advice and cash incentives give us another tool to fulfill our company mission of providing safe, secure and clean affordable housing.”

According to Ray: “Our common-area utility bills have decreased 30 to 40 percent, allowing us to invest more money in unit upgrades.”

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