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Success Story

Vitro Architectural Glass, Salem, Oregon

Estimated Annual Savings: $62,000

Vitro Architectural Glass in Salem, Oregon is a participant of Energy Trust of Oregon’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) offering and they recently celebrated a successful year of energy savings.

SEM helps organizations identify significant cost-saving opportunities and capture energy savings with continued learning and support opportunities. Along with being an SEM participant, the glass manufacturer has completed many other energy-efficient projects including installing vacancy and exterior occupancy sensors, upgrading to LED lighting with fixture mounted occupancy sensors, and more.

To show employees just how much energy they are saving, a poster was created displaying kilowatt-hour/year and tacos. Over one year, the company saved 994,977 kWh which is the energy equivalent in calories of about 10,871,238 tacos. The plant is also seeing an estimated $62,000 in annual energy cost savings.

Energy Trust is proud to congratulate Vitro on its performance in energy efficiency and for participating in SEM.

Learn how this glass manaufacturer saved thousands and engaged their employees