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Success Story

Widmer Brothers Brewing, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $43,500

Widmer Brothers Brewing raises a glass to energy efficiency by making it an integral part of their sustainable business practices. As a result the brewery now enjoys over $43,500 per year in estimated energy cost savings.

In response to increased demand for their product, Widmer began working with Energy Trust in 2006 on energy improvements that allowed the brewery to increase production while maintaining their sustainability goals. Since then Widmer has completed multiple upgrades to its refrigeration systems, upgraded its lighting and installed occupancy sensors.

As a participant in Energy Trust’s Strategic Energy Management, SEM, initiative Widmer has also significantly reduced staff energy use through operational improvements. “SEM dropped our kilowatt hours per barrel by 6.9 percent,” said Julia Person, sustainability manager, Widmer Brothers Brewing.

“Energy Trust is an excellent resource in protecting the environment by supporting businesses committed to sustainable business practices,” said Anne Widmer, Ph.D., chair of the Sustainability Committee, Widmer Brothers Brewing.

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