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Success Story

Worthy Brewing Co., Bend

Estimated annual savings: $15,900

Worthy Brewing built its brewery and restaurant to be a model of efficiency and sustainability from the ground up. The payoff? Estimated annual energy cost savings of $15,900.

The 28,000-square-foot building was built to exceed Oregon’s energy code. The brewery generates its own clean, renewable power from 117 solar electric panels mounted on the roof. It has high-efficiency condensing heating systems, efficient tankless water heaters, is well insulated, and boasts so many windows and skylights that the lights are off in the brewhouse most of the time.

The brewing operation is fueled by a 95-percent-efficient condensing steam boiler. Economizers on the walk-in coolers allow Worthy to take advantage of free cooling from Bend’s cool night-time air. And the high-efficiency chiller is equipped with an efficient variable frequency drive.

Energy Trust provided Worthy with $78,900 in cash incentives to help offset the costs of these and other energy improvements.

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