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Success Story

YoCream International, Inc., Portland

Estimated annual savings: $143,000

YoCream applies the same high-quality approach used to make its frozen desserts and beverages to saving energy. The company has worked closely with Energy Trust since 2006 to identify opportunities to reduce costs and save energy at their Portland-area processing plant.

First, Energy Trust performed a free detailed engineering analysis of the facility and identified several energy-saving opportunities, including operations and maintenance improvements, lighting and equipment upgrades. YoCream completed these projects and received over $204,000 in cash incentives, saving them an estimated $143,000 in annual energy costs.

“Energy Trust’s involvement helps with our decision making,” said Clayton Eberle, chief engineer, YoCream. “Their reports include recommendations that might not have occurred to us. The cash incentives, together with detailed estimates of project cost, savings and payback, are useful when seeking upper management approval.”

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