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Budget and Action Plan


Our 2023 budget and action plan are designed to help utility customers and communities in Oregon and Southwest Washington save energy and generate renewable power—including efforts to improve reliability and resiliency of the electric grid. We seek to expand our offers and approaches to reach communities of color, customers with lower incomes and rural communities who haven’t benefitted in the past.

The budget and action plan details where we will invest utility customer funds to deliver benefits like providing low-cost energy efficiency that utilities rely on to meet their customers’ energy needs, adding clean, renewable power to the electric grid; reducing customer utility bills; helping keep energy costs lower than they otherwise would be for all utility customers; avoiding carbon emissions; and strengthening local economies.

Energy Trust’s budget and action plan is designed to achieve three organizational goals in 2023:

  1. Customers will save and generate energy and reduce costs in 2023 and beyond as a result of Energy Trust’s investments in their clean energy projects and upgrades.
  2. Utility partners, communities and policy implementers will achieve their objectives by leveraging Energy Trust’s clean energy solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support grid management and deliver additional societal benefits.
  3. Customers and stakeholders will gain future benefits from Energy Trust’s investments in preparing for a more dynamic and complex energy industry.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is integrated into each goal and is reflected in all of our action plans.

Download the 2023 Budget and 2023–2024 Action Plan: