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Budget and Action Plan

The 2019 budget and 2019-2020 action plan guides program and outreach strategies that help utility customers benefit from the lowest cost and cleanest energy available—energy efficiency and renewable power.

As a nonprofit organization investing utility customer funds, Energy Trust conducts an open annual budgeting process each fall. We value participation from customers, the public, Oregon Public Utility Commission, utilities and other stakeholders. Public comments are actively solicited and help shape our final budget and action plan reviewed and approved by our board of directors by December 31 of each year and posted online.

The primary building blocks of our budget and action plan include our 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, market insights, each utility’s Integrated Resource Plan and other resource assessments. An Integrated Resource Plan is how utilities plan for the energy supply their customers will need over the next 20 years. Additional information for the budget is drawn from renewable resource assessments and Northwest Power and Conservation Council studies.