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Budget and Action Plan

Energy Trust of Oregon’s Draft 2023 Budget and 2023-2024 Action Plan is available for public review. As a nonprofit organization investing utility customer funds, we value input on our budget, goals and priorities from the customers we serve. The public comment period for our draft 2023 budget concluded on October 19. We appreciate your participation and invite you to stay involved by checking back here on December 9 to see our final proposed budget.

The Final Proposed 2023 Budget and 2023-2024 Action Plan will be presented to our board of directors for consideration in a public meeting on December 16. It will include a summary of public comments along with an explanation of how those comments may have influenced the revised budget.

In the meantime, you can review our draft budget materials or watch video highlights of our draft budget on-demand.

Download the Draft 2023 Budget and 2023–2024 Action Plan:

Video highlights of our draft budget

Watch a video of Executive Director Michael Colgrove highlighting key strategies and takeaways from the draft 2023 budget and two-year action plan.