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Greenhouses (Washington)

Energy Trust offers incentives to help keep greenhouses operating at peak efficiency throughout the year. Energy-efficient improvements can help lower operating costs, boost profitability and increase yields. Want to grow your energy savings? Bring us in.

Incentives are available for commercial firm and interruptible sales customers served on rate schedules 1, 3, 41 and 42.

  1. Check your eligibility.

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    Energy Trust provides cash incentives to businesses for energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects. To qualify, you must:

    • Have a commercial, industrial or institutional facility project site in Washington served by
      NW Natural. Washington customers are eligible for gas incentives only. Additional requirements may apply.
    • Be improving an existing structure.
  2. Find a trade ally contractor.

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  3. Install equipment that meets the requirements listed in the Washington Greenhouse Incentive Application.

    Confirm equipment requirements here.

  4. Submit documentation.

  5. Get your incentive.

    Note: A post-installation verification may apply.

Equipment Incentive
Thermal Curtains $1.17/sq ft of conditioned floor space
Infrared Polyethylene Greenhouse Film $0.10/sq ft
Greenhouse Controller $0.10/sq ft
Under-bench Heating $2.19/sq ft
Greenhouse Condensing Unit Heater $5/kBtu/h input

Projects that feature non-custom equipment with simple installation may be eligible for standard incentives. Eligible participants can receive up to $75,000 per site, per year for qualifying projects. Contact Energy Trust at 1.866.605.1676 or email for more information.

Ready to apply for standard incentives? Download general project forms. If you need guidance, just ask your trade ally contractor for assistance.

Custom Incentives

Energy Trust offers custom incentives for larger, more complex projects. Learn more about custom incentives >

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

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