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Instant Discounts for Business Lighting

Energy Trust of Oregon is working with participating distributors to offer instant discounts on a variety of popular LED lamps and fixtures. The discount will be applied at time of purchase, reducing your out-of-pocket costs.

  1. Establish your eligibility

    Qualifying lighting products must be installed at an eligible existing commercial, industrial or multifamily (common areas only) site in Oregon that receives electrical service from Portland General Electric or Pacific Power. When you visit a participating distributor, they will also verify the installation address before applying the instant discount.

  2. Find participating distributor near you.

    To find a participating distributor in your area, call us at 1.800.326.2917 or check the Participating Distributor page. You can bring samples of the lamps you want to replace when you visit a local distributor, and they can help you find qualifying products that meet your needs.

  3. Receive instant discounts when you purchase qualifying lamps or fixtures.

    No paperwork is required and you won’t have to wait for an incentive check. Instant discounts are applied at time of purchase and will be shown as a line item on your receipt.   

  4. Install and start saving energy.

Energy Trust is working with participating distributors to offer instant discounts on a variety of popular LED lamps and fixtures, such as TLEDS, interior and exterior fixtures, A-line lamps and canister downlights.

For a complete list of qualifying products, read the Instant Discounts for Business Lighting Flyer or visit a participating distributor in your area. A participating distributor will confirm your eligibility, provide more information about specific LED lamps or fixtures, and can help you identify qualifying products that meet your needs.

What is the Instant Discounts for Business Lighting offer?

Energy Trust offers incentives to qualifying distributors to stock and sell high-efficiency lighting products at a discount to their customers. This allows purchasers to receive premium lighting products at a comparable cost as conventional, less energy-efficient products.

Why is Energy Trust offering Instant Discounts?

Lighting can consume as much as 20% of the energy used by a business. When businesses upgrade to high-efficiency LED lighting fixtures and products, they can save on their energy bills and also help improve the appearance and safety of their business or facility. By offering instant discounts, we can help more customers gain the benefits of high-quality, high-efficiency lighting.

How does the Instant Discounts for Business Lighting offer work?

Incentives are paid directly to participating distributors and are passed through to you as an instant discount on your invoice when you purchase qualifying high-efficiency lighting products.

How do I know if I qualify?

All Portland General Electric and Pacific Power business customers are eligible, as long as qualifying lighting products are installed at an eligible commercial, industrial or multifamily (common area only) site in Oregon. Before you purchase qualifying products, the distributor will enter the installation address and product information into an online tool to verify the site is eligible.

What information is required to purchase the product with the instant discount?

The distributor will ask for the business name, installation address, and building type at the point-of-sale. You do not need to provide your electric utility account number. Installation of the products purchased through the Instant Discounts Offer is required within 90 days from purchase date. 

Can contractor or trade ally information be provided instead of the customer’s installation address?

No, the offer needs to confirm that the products will be installed at a site served by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power, so the end user’s address is required. 

What LED products qualify for instant discounts?

Products must be on ENERGY STAR or Design Lights Consortium (DLC)’s qualified product list. To see a list of qualifying products, read our Instant Discounts for Business Lighting Flyer.

If these products don’t meet your needs, you could participate through Energy Trust’s Standard offering. Please contact a Business Lighting Trade Ally for more information, or you can contact the Business Lighting team at 1.800.326.2917 or send us an email at Learn more about available cash incentives by visiting our pages for Commercial lighting, Multifamily lighting or Industrial lighting. If you operate a grow facility, visit our horticultural lighting page for available cash incentives.

Will you conduct on-site inspections?

Energy Trust reserves the right to inspect all projects.

Can lighting products purchased through this offer be installed at business locations outside Energy Trust’s electric service territory?

No, products must be installed in the Portland General Electric or Pacific Power service territory.

Can the offer be used for large projects?

Yes, as long as customer eligibility requirements are met. Incentives that total more than $7,000 per project require pre-authorization.

Do installations in new construction or major renovation projects qualify?

No, but the customer may be eligible to receive incentives for lighting through Energy Trust’s New Buildings program. For more information, please visit our New Construction and Major Renovations page or email

What are the benefits of the Instant Discounts for Business Lighting offer?

  • The incentive is provided immediately at the point-of-sale as a discount on your invoice, reducing the cost of energy-efficient lighting equipment for a great return on investment.
  • No paperwork or signatures are required from the purchaser or customer unless the total incentive amount is over $7,000.
  • Contractors outside of Energy Trust’s Business Lighting trade ally network can receive instant discounts and pass along savings to their customers.
  • Contractors and trade allies can increase business and gain an edge over the competition by passing on savings to customers as an instant discount.
  • Contractors and trade allies can drive profits with higher margin products and improve customer satisfaction by offering a better product at a lower price.
  • Customers receive top-quality lighting performance, lower energy costs and equipment lasts longer, resulting in less maintenance and long-term savings.
  • Customers can purchase qualifying products and have their maintenance staff or preferred contractor install them.


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