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Board Meeting, February 2017

  • Meeting agenda
  • Board Meeting Minutes—147th Meeting
  • Briefing Decision—Amending Program Approval Policy
  • Briefing Paper—Residential Program Delivery Structure Changes
  • Evaluation Committee Meeting
  • Energy Trust of Oregon: Solar PV Evaluation Report
  • Process Evaluation Of Energy Trust of Oregon’s Existing Homes Program
  • Briefing Decision—Cascade Natural Gas Funding Temporary Adjustment Using Contingency Reserves Account Organization Pool
  • Finance Committee Meeting Notes
  • Financial Glossary
  • Policy Committee Meeting
  • Briefing Decision—To Clarify Executive Director’s Authority to Execute Contracts for Receipt of Funds
  • 5.05.009-P Contract Execution and Oversight Policy
  • Strategic Planning Committee Meeting
  • Briefing Paper—2017 State Legislation Update
  • Glossary of Energy Industry Terms
  • Energy Industry Acronyms