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Contractor Selection Tips
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Contractor Selection Tips

Whether you are renovating an existing home, building a new office space, or installing a solar system, choosing a contractor is a key step in making your energy efficiency or renewable energy project a success. Hiring a contractor unfamiliar with the requirements of your job or working with an unlicensed installer can lead to a number of problems. Fortunately, there are many resources to help you choose the right contractor for the job.

Energy Trust recommends working with a contractor from our network of licensed and insured independent trade allies. Trade allies are up-to-date on the latest Energy Trust standards, quality control requirements and incentives. They may also help you complete your cash incentive applications. Trade allies receive additional training and support that Energy Trust does not provide to nonaffiliated contractors.

Considerations when choosing a contractor:

Be sure your contractor has the correct licenses.
At a minimum, a contractor should hold an Oregon Construction Contractors Board, or CCB, license, or for Washington customers, a Washington contractor’s license. You can verify this information on the Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board website and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries website.

Check online resources to see how the contractor is rated.
Angie’s List, the Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, The Better Business Bureau, and any references provided by the contractor can all be good resources.

Review your bid and understand the work to be performed.
Trust, quality and professionalism can be as important as the bid’s total cost. Consult resources created by the CCB, such as “16 ways to avoid remodeling, repair, and construction problems.” (PDF)

Ask friends and family for recommendations.
If you don’t know where to start, Energy Trust can help. We can refer you to highly qualified trade ally contractors from our list. Call 1.866.368.7878 or search our website for local trade allies matching your needs.

Concerned about potential contractor-related scams?
View a list of potential scams and tips to avoid them.

Did you know Energy Trust Trade Allies meet all these criteria?

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