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Success Story

Savings Are A Wrap, Portland

Direct Install Pipe Insulation Costs Nothing, Saves Energy 

Exposed pipes lose heat to the air around them, wasting energy and creating a safety risk. Adding insulation to heated pipes can benefit industrial facilities in several ways. By enclosing the hot pipes, insulation minimizes heat loss, saves energy and prevents potential burns. With Energy Trust of Oregon’s direct install pipe insulation offer, businesses can add insulation for free and start saving on energy costs right away.

At its 87,000-square-foot flour mill in North Portland, Grain Craft produces 720,000 pounds of flour every day, which is then packaged and delivered to commercial bakeries throughout the Pacific Northwest. During a treasure hunt around the mill to find opportunities for energy savings, the SEM account manager noticed steam pipes that would benefit from insulation, specifically through the free direct install pipe insulation offer. With the generous incentive through Energy Trust, the upgrade is free and the savings take effect immediately.  The project is estimated to save more than 8,000 therms a year, and there was no upfront investment for Grain Craft to delay the estimated annual cost savings of $7,200.

Alpenrose Dairy has been producing quality dairy products found in Portland homes since 1916. Because the dairy could upgrade its pipe insulation at no cost, the project shifted from a “someday” to a “now” priority. Alpenrose Dairy was sold on the features of Energy Trust’s free offer: no out-of-pocket costs, a vetted trade ally to do the work, and energy savings going forward. . The process went smoothly and Alpenrose appreciates the offer’s value. The dairy expects to save an estimated $16,000 annually on energy costs.

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