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Benefits of going ductless

Cooling Solutions, Heating Solutions Updated: August 3, 2021

Ductless heat pumps offer an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home without the added expense of ductwork. Going ductless is a great alternative to radiator or baseboard heating and window AC units. These systems feature and indoor head unit and an outdoor unit that work together to move heat in or out of your home based on the season.

Once your ductless heat pump is installed, you can look forward to years of energy-saving comfort. These are some of our favorite reasons why going ductless is a great decision, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

Heating and cooling, all in one

Ductless heat pumps make your living areas more comfortable by evenly and efficiently distributing warm or cool air. Along with efficient heating, air conditioning is a standard feature, so you’re all set for year-round comfort.

Monthly savings

Heat your home for a fraction of the cost of standard electric furnaces, baseboards or wall heaters. Ductless heating and cooling systems are two-way heat pumps that transfer heat between outdoor and indoor air to create a comfortable temperature with savings of up to 40%.

Quiet and compact

Ductless units operate quietly so when the heat or AC kicks on, the only thing you’ll notice is how comfortable you are. Their sleek, compact design also takes up very little wall space and can blend right in with a little creative decorating.

Healthy air quality

With built-in air filters, your ductless system can improve indoor air quality by decreasing particulates such as dust, allergens and pollen. This also helps protect your home from smoky air caused by wildfires.

Easy installation

Since there’s no expensive or invasive ductwork to install, ductless heat pump installation can be completed in as little as half a day with minimal disruption in your home. Work with one of our participating trade ally contractors to receive cash incentives and high-quality installation.

Cash incentives

Energy Trust of Oregon offers a $500 cash incentive for qualified ductless heat pump installations, plus additional savings for income-qualified households and rental properties.

For more details and to find a contractor in your area, check out our ductless heat pump page.