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Community Engagement

We are accountable to the communities and customers we serve

We Want to Hear from You

As we work to develop a more inclusive organization that benefits everyone, we welcome your feedback on our efforts, programs and opportunities for improvement.

Provide Your Feedback

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan centers communication and collaboration between Energy Trust and groups we have not yet effectively served. Developing deeper relationships with communities, contractors, businesses and customers across the state will provide more perspectives on their needs and how our services can support them.

Deep, authentic dialog, collaboration and action between Energy Trust and the customers we have not served in the past are at the center of our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. We are committed to finding ways to adapt and innovate our programs and services to meet the needs of all customers through collaboration and partnerships. The cycle of engagement is a repetitious process that will continue across our diversity, equity and inclusion journey.

Energy Trust engaged these groups to develop our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan: